January 9, 2017


Hello dear friends and Happy New Year!!!

My first post for this year is for Finnabair CT...

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization. It is that kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.
So, what do I expect from 2017? Lots of changes and lots of dragonflies in my life.
I wish all of you dear friends to have this year lots and lots amazing artful moments to fulfill your life and why not: lots of dragonflies :)

My first project for this year is making the cover of my black journal and what would be more perfect to impress a dragonfly, so to remind me this year's expectations every time I hold it in my hands.

and psssst! I also have a little secret to share... after I was done with the cover I decided to get my first tattoo: a dragonfly on the side of the wrist of my right hand! 

So....let's get started with the project!

As my journal was already black, I started with a nice coat of  Heavy Black Gesso to prime the cover.
After it was dry, I glued the Mechanicals parts I used for the body of the dragonfly with Heavy Body Gel and covered them with Black Gesso.

Then I placed a sketch I made on a piece of paper on the cover to shape the dragonfly, but here is the trick: I used a pin to scratch the canvas cover, than a pencil to draw the lines. This way I created an interesting texture, a 'destroyed' base all mixed media artists would love to work on ;)

Next step was to choose my paints. Well, with no second thought I grabbed my Art Alchemy Opal Magic Paints, the perfect acrylics for any black surface. They dry permanent and I loooove the amazing two-tone iridescent effect they give on dark and light backgrounds. Ιn order to reinforce this effect, I painted some spots of the wings white with the  Heavy White Gesso. You will see the whole process in my video below.

After the Opal Magic Paints where dry, I used again the White Gesso to make lots of splashes.
To give even more interest on the background of the wings, I used the Clear Crackle Paste as my final touch. I let it dry overnight to get the best results.

For the tittle I wanted something simple and small, not to distract the attention from the dragonfly, so I wrote by hand the word ART with Heavy White Gesso and a black permanent pen.

Now it is time for my video. I hope you will enjoy it and get inspired. :)

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have a lovely crafty YEAR!

December 10, 2016

Black journal page - She lived forever

 Hello dear friends!
Today I'm presenting a special project I created for Finnabair CT,
doing wonders with Art Alchemy paints and an unexpected 'art supply' on my black journal.
I hadn't made any page in my black journal for a while and I really missed working on black background!
Of course I went for something colorful as usual, with a vintage touch and a photo from the Ephemera Vintage Collectibles helped me a lot to create this special 'olden days' atmosphere.

As I wanted to mix modern and vintage styles, I decided to create a peeled paint effect background.
First thing to do was to seal my page with the Clear Gesso.
In order to create the background I used my favorite shades of Art Alchemy paints and...Vaseline! That's right! Vaseline is oil based, so it resists the water based paints and creates the peeled effect. It is a very pleasant technique, you will see the whole fun process in my video below.

When my acrylic paints were dry, I used the Clear Crackle Paste (which is lately turning out to be my fave product) right onto the paints and let it dry naturally to get perfect results. I absolutely love the final look!

To embellish my page I used 7 Dots Studio stickers and some handmade butterflies I created with the 'Don't forget to fly' cling stamps set and black embossing powder.
I also used a couple of chipboard pieces which I painted white with Heavy White Gesso.

Last thing to do was to doodle on the photo with a black pen and make some splashes with the Art Alchemy paints and White Gesso.

Here is my video with the whole process. I hope you will enjoy it and get inspired. :)

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November 19, 2016

Snow Angels - Finnabair Art Recipe

Dear friends
The new Finnabair Art Recipe for Prima blog is here to inspire you.
Can you guess the art ingredients? :p

Snowflake Paste + Mica Powders + shimmery Glitter

 Art recip 12 2016

Snowflake Paste is perfect for creating dimension on your projects. 
It has a snowy white, subtly sparkly finish when it dries, and it makes the perfect base for adding Mica Powders and Glitter!

Snowflake paste is the perfect product for me to use in wintery and Christmas projects. In this project, I used it in three different ways: 

1. After covering the tag (recycled Mechanicals package) with Black Gesso, I used the Stars Stencil with the Snowflake Paste and the Silicon 1' Brush. When it was dry, I covered the stars with Black Gesso. I absolutely love the texture it adds to the project!

2. My next step was to glue all the embellishments with 3D Gel. I used the Snowflake Paste again to paint the large chipboard snowflake. Apart from the white shade, it added a beautiful sparkle to the chipboard piece.

3. When I was done painting the background with the Mica Powders (pale Silver, Rust, Frozen Lake and Tangerine), I used the Snowflake paste here and there with a paintbrush to add a real snow effect to my project. As the final touch, I added some glitter from the Ebony & Ivory set to the veil of the vintage girls with the Soft Matte Gel. I also attached a cute tassel I found in the Mechanicals Tassel set with a small Jump Ring.

For more inspiration you can visit the Prima blog post to see 
what the rest of the Finnabair Team created.

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Have a lovely crafty day!